Friday, August 06, 2010

Studying Voltaire

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My nose seems to always be in a book.  

Lately I've been looking for more and more 
about Voltaire.
I don't know why or how - 
I just decided I didn't know nearly enough, 
so I began a deeper search.  
Now, he's rapidly becoming one of my heroes.  Funny, isn't it?  
When we get to know about a person, 
we begin to think differently.   
So, I haven't decided what I'd most like to say or share about the search, yet. 
 in the process I learned 
 there is a goddess of Peace. 
 Her name is Irene. 
 Maybe a person can be an "Irene-ite."  
Someone who hopes their religion,
 philosophy, way of life brings Peace.
  Do you think?

I'll get back to you -

Sending Love,

(21st Century Maggid - on a quest to discover what her greatest possibility might be)
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