Sunday, July 04, 2010

Yellow Rose of Kirkwood

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Took this portrait of the first bloom on the new rose bush Saturday Morning while I was still in my pajamas. I wonder if the neighbors were able to sleep through the serenade of joy, with my new lyrics ("Yellow Rose of Kirkwood.")

Today is the 4th.
I got to address the congregation in Crestwood.
Got to thinking about the countless people who boarded ships,
not nearly as posh as our ocean liner transport.
They were willing to invest everything to find a new start
maybe even "freedom."

So, we considered, what if we were indeed in a craft, sailing a Spirit Sea
Clear Blue Spirit Sky
Maybe a puffy while cloud or two above us.
Watery Depth of Limitless Possibility, Life and Power Below.

Could we for one instant connect to
"All That Is?"
Understand "One?"

Well, we adventured through a few stories and thoughts on Freedom.
The young people were engaged
never stopped smiling
never stopped watching
(could have been my imitation of the firetruck that kept them intrigued . . ya think?)

this part makes me happy

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