Saturday, July 10, 2010

When I was speaking with dragons . . . .

I met a man who kept insisting a maggid is "an inspirational speaker and storyteller."

I also met people who insist our stories are far more valuable than our rituals.

It's even been suggested that someday, in the near future, perhaps our rituals will be replaced by our stories.

These are thoughts i like to visit, while I'm deciding (and decoding) for myself.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

All this month I am dedicating the stories, talks and presentations to "Lloyd, Celestial Dragon of the Jade Throne."  I know, I know, it's fanciful.  Here's the thing.  I read a lot.  I was reading a travelogue on Middle Eastern Countries.  There was mention of a "holy helper" (my words) - an ancient hero who still lives in the hearts and minds of people who expect him (Khadir) to assist in times of trouble.  The more I read and research, the more interested I am in Khadir.  People who trust in his aid know he is also "The Green Man."  (The same one found in Arthurian Literature.)  And, it is recognized (or known) that Khadir is also "Saint George."  His daddy was Turkish, and fought in the Roman Army . . . (Yes, THAT Rome)  AND his momma was a Palestinian - AND he is the patron saint of England, soldiers- I bet there is lots more to discover.
Well, when I started doing research, excited about the "interfaith" possibilities - ta-daa!!!  The proverbial dragon showed up to teach stories - stories of faith - from a different perspective.  I introduced stories from the dragon a few months ago and we all enjoyed them, - THEN - last month, right about the time fireworks were being set off in the neighborhood, (early sales celebrating our 4th of July Festivities, no doubt,) Lloyd came sauntering back into my life.  It was a great time to show up - him smelling like fireworks and all - BUT, I already had 'my material' for July.  Lloyd said that was more than okay - he wanted to share a boat load of ideas and adventures that would take weeks to explore.  (And, it is, taking a long time to listen, learn and explore . . )  BUT - he gave me enough material to cover the August events.

So, one thing we can add to our "Maggid Consideration" is - 
a 21st Century Maggid is not afraid to converse with dragons.

love & love,

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