Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Experiment

I started to "add a page" to "Jubilee Street." 
There was a need for more flexibility.
So, here we are on a second, but related blog.
Once I had a second blog called "Heavenward" it started in celebration a CD project and concert tour with a partner.  After spending a lot of money, doing tons of legal work, producing the CD and booking the tour - the partner decided they were no longer interested.  (Arguh!  So many terrific things hit the dust the same way - with the same person . . well, we all eventually learn to move along, right?)

SO - that's what happened, I was MOVED  along and now, I'm your 21st Century Maggid.

Posting on Jubilee Street - is just about perfect.
The thing is, there are repeated answers/definitions to the question, "What is a Maggid?"

I'm gonna be kind here and just say, I think the ideas could be   e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d   a little.
I'm not the brightest, nor some super scholar, but I am a Maggid - One who has been defining herself for a while now.  SO - I'm going to explore a bit.  It will be an adventure, and experiment, you're welcome to join, or observe, or ignore  . . . if, like "Heavenward" - it fizzles, I'll trust the Holy One has something else for me to do - although - right now, I'm so tickled with how the story I'm living has turned out - I'm very happy learning - and serving you.

So, our first post makes this "official."

Love & Love,

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