Sunday, July 18, 2010


Monkey Face . . . Kinda Cute, don't ya think?
Well, I post these faces because I've been jokin' around a lot about my looks . . .

Hey! Today I got to sing at Clayton United Methodist. It was a stellar morning. First, they were scheduled to have "Lemonade on the Lawn." But, there was a HUGE, Fierce Storm - which might have been the best thing ever, because even early in the morning the heat & humidity was - well, really uncomfortable, would be an understatement. SO, they had their before service Lemonade in the basement, which is a beautiful, fully finished fellowship hall, so it was no hardship. There was pink lemonade, lots of cookies and goodies and a marvelous lady playing guitar and singing songs. I doubted they would ever feel like braking up the party to climb the stairs to their sanctuary - but, they did - and, there I was, singing . . inviting them to sing along (which they did.) As wonderful as the music was downstairs, their music team upstairs was awesome. Golly, I often wonder how these gifted musicians I see on Sundays aren't great stars somewhere . . . Well, the thing is - the "NEW" Pastor there - passed her two year mark a few weeks back and wanted to do something nice, so - afterwords, everyone was invited back to the basement for chicken supper - from a fancy restaurant . . . . No, I didn't go - BUT, I have to tell you, I'm impressed by their minister - I've learned a lot watching her - I was really glad to spend the morning there . . .

By the way - the Ocelot is beautiful, don't ya think?
And - here. at the end of the trio is "Barney Google" (yes, wiht the goo-goo-googley-eyes.)

Life Is Good
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