Monday, July 05, 2010


I have creatures. Lots of you will understand we (my fur people & I) have no appreciation of the thundering fireworks. Just part of the turf of love - when one suffers - we all suffer . . . That said, look what we found on Crabby Appleton yesterday. Who knew she would bloom again? Well, at least these tiny flowers almost hidden from view . . . Now, this is a 4th of July Display designed to please your maggid's nurturing heart.

Wait, I saw a humbling quote yesterday:

The key to non-anxious sermon-writing is that it’s not about me. It’s about the congregation. I honor the fact that the listeners bring more to the sermon than I do. I remind myself of the hundreds of times someone says, 'I loved how you said…' and then tell me things that they heard that were nowhere in my text and that I never said. But they heard what they needed to hear.
-- Reverend Sean Parker Dennison

That certainly reminds me of a lot of times I would be asked if i enjoyed a sermon, talk, presentation - which would lead to a discussion of specifics and invariably we'd learn that what I heard (which was enlightening, interesting and personally helpful) had very little - sometimes nothing to do with what was said from the stage - and everything to do with what I heard while my heart was open. Now that this is my turf, I remember to "suit up and show up' - that the Holy One intends to care for all of creation and, I get to feel as if I'm helping. It might be like me filling all the feeding stations in the yard for visiting creatures - I'm well aware the Creator always has and always will take care of them . . still, it's fun to invite them all here - and feel as if I'm "helping." (grin - aren't i a silly?)

Thinking about presentations. I'm already looking forward to August Evening Lights. Do you remember a few months ago we investigated "Saint George" - because I learned he is Khadir, and the 'Green Man' and that Middle Eastern People are keenly aware of him. They expect his assistance in their every day lives. Now, THAT'S exciting. So, there i was researching, learning - when it turned out the mythical dragon wanted to teach us instead.

So, while others were watching fireworks (which started to sound off in our neighborhood maybe 10 days in advance of the 4th) I was "visited" by our friend, Lloyd, who (as you remember) smells like fireworks, so, as my neighbors were looking up - or lighting matches and focusing on their task at hand, it was easy-peasy for Lloyd to saunter down the street, past Hardee's right through the back gate and into the garden. (You would think all the creatures here would be frightened of Lloyd, but they've already met him and know he's walking LOVE ITSELF - so they run to him for hugs and scratches.)

Long Story Short - He has been sharing some of his latest adventures, stories and parables - SO, THIS is what we'll share in August.

By the way, Lloyd sends his LOVE and said to tell you he's proud of us - we have become a "group' and started the path of 'spiritual progression' in a new, exciting 21st Century Manner.

Well, enough from you maggid. Happiest Day to You!
love & love,

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