Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy June

Here's a quick 1st Morning of June
Glance at the garden gifts in the yard.
Seems I've been transported to Paradise.
The kitchen window is so clean
I thought the glass was gone.
Yep - it's true.

I got to go to the History Museum
to see the
Vatican Splendor Exhibit.

I really enjoyed it.
There was a lot to see, a lot to consider.
a lot to learn.

I wish I had a reproduction of the painting of Saint George.
Do you remember?
We met the dragon (Lloyd)
at Evening Lights a while back.
I suppose that's why,
(although I don't know for sure)
I keep thinking about that painting.

I've never seen one like it,
although I've seen countless works depicting George

I looked around for postcards or posters
too bad for me
I only have what my mind remembered.

(My mind remembers a lot - I bet yours does, too.)

Well, I'd like to know how your weekend went.
And, once again
I'd like to wish you a Very Happy June!

love & love,

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missknits said...

i heard thats a great exhibit! i hope to get to see it too!! lovely pics! everything is green and in full bloom! don't you just love it? i know i do! spent the weekend with fam.... got to visit my grandpa at the VA home for memorial day. its something else to see all the families there visiting the vets. there are some wives that go up every day, spend every meal with their spouse... its heart warming!
hope you are well!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I'm passing the Happiness Award that I received on to you because I enjoy your postings and sharing so much. Thank you! Visit my blog to get the icon for the award.

Anonymous said...

Hi G....

I am seeing the Vatican Splendor Exhibit in July (can't wait). See you tomorrow! Love to you!!!! C