Friday, June 04, 2010

Getting there isn't half the fun - it's all the fun.
-- Robert Townsend

Having a dream is what keeps you alive.
Overcoming the challenges make life worth living.

-- Mary Tyler Moore

Only some people get what they want.
Those are the people who show up to get it.

- - Dianne Houston

Seems our "job" is to 'suit up & show up' - georgy
Evening Lights tonight, maggidic commentary, a green husband, the Great Artist, wearing a smock, music, cake . . all this, and you're invited. I'm speaking on Sunday - information is on the calendar page on the web . . . I have decided faith is like my daddy's love for ice cream . . . you are welcome to come giggle with me . . .

I'm listening to Direction and Review - since the anniversary of our smicha (ordination) is rapidly approaching. I've learned a LOT - (some of it rather challenging, but then, that's part of the adventure, right?) I'm trying to believe I can do more . . okay, okay, I KNOW the Holy One always has more for us . . that's why I chose these quotes today . . .

sending love to you all,

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