Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine Award

What a terrific honor! I have been given the Sunshine Award by my friend, the Sunshiny-ist Person I know, Carol. I'm certain you visit her blog "Enjoy The Journey" for your daily fix of encouragement, cheer and inspiration, so you know what I'm talking about.

She says I'm allowed to pass this award along - and, of course, you are allowed - encouraged even - to give this award to others. At this moment I'd like to send/give this lovely recognition to:

Enjoy The Journey

Franciscan Life

Karen Chase - Catch The Story Bug!

Steve Augarde

Steve Givens: Writer + Musician

The Bubble

Stone Goodman

A Thought & A Prayer

Superhero Journal

fine little day

Celtic Lady


I'd like to send an award to everyone on my list
And, if you know me, you KNOW this -
So, post on your blog and send to everyone you love
with my super blessing

love & love,


Fine Little Day said...

georgy, thank you so much :)

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Georgy, thank you so much! I'm getting overwhelmed. It's been a sunshiny few days for me!

Julie said...

Thank you for including me. I am flattered. It gives ME inspiration to keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you G!!!

Your #1 fan!

Love to you!

mountainstories said...

I almost missed this. thank you so very much. It means a lot that someone not only reads, but is smiles when I write.