Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.
            -- Clarence Thomas

Yesterday I was given a wonderful treat.  I had a personal tour of a military base. 

I've visited plenty of military facilities, especially in the West.  I admit it was a very long time ago and the places then were utilitarian and quite frankly not - well, not welcoming.  Okay, when we watch "military movies" we are given a rough and tumble impression - as if our fighting forces live the toughest of lives with sparse supplies, unpleasant conditions and the forces can handle any situation, no matter how "dark." 
 The facilities of my childhood seemed a good backdrop for the "entertainment" found in movie theatres, but NOT a good model for living.

Imagine how surprised I was to see a Beautiful Community.  This place looked like the loving films released (back then in black & while) that upheld the highest dreams our society held.  Yes, there were signs of the ability to defend our nation, if needed - all clean and tidy, some on display, some not - but there were tree lined streets with gorgeous living quarters.  The entire area looked like the best planned community.  There were cushioned tracks for running, gyms, all manner of commerce, including barbers, RV rentals, golf course.
Definitely a place I'd like to live, or at least hang out.

I learned so much and saw so much beauty - then, I got to thinking about me - am I fully prepared to defend those in my care?  It's easy to expand my thinking to include a rather large portion of earth's populace inside my thinking - at least a "neighbor" - usually as "loved one."  I wonder if at any instant I am able to think/believe/pray effectively - to keep those "in my care" with love, peace, health, safety, prosperity . . .

I must work inside myself, until the inside, spiritual life I lead is at least as attractive as the facility visited yesterday.  I wonder if anyone meeting me would like to live close or hang out with me - as I would enjoy doing with the community I saw.  I wonder if I am able to hold them in thought lovingly - keep them in Love,

Well, I see I have work cut out for me . . . . if there were/are Minute Men - humans of honor willing to pick up arms if necessary - Shouldn't I be able to keep myself/my heart in preparedness - to love always?

Given myself a lot to think about today.

Need my heart to be as lovely as the community I experienced.  Guess I'll get to work . . .

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