Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Maggid Garden Report (for Melissa - but you are invited , too)

I didn't get out to take photos until late in the morning.
(I got interested in my studies and didn't notice the time . . . hmmm.)
When I first moved in there was one lone tulip guarding the entrance to the "prayer porch." Now I have "Guardians" - how cool is that? Right above these beautiful tulips there's a clematis - just beginning to green up now . . . When the tulips have finished their patrol, the clematis takes up the vigil. Soon enough I'll post those photos as well.

Look at Crabby Appleton Today!!!
Isn't she splendid?
Golly I'm impressed what God can do.
Give me a couple more days and we'll look again.

This is the beginning of a "Wildflower Meadow."
in this spot until a few weeks ago.
It had not been properly tended and was
a point of contention with the neighbors.
Trying to make a little Peace
The tree was taken down.
The company that did the work was/is fabulous.
Anyway, I got a box of wildflower seeds and followed the directions.
It's amazing, but already there are a few (very few) slim green shoots coming from the dirt patch we will refer to as the "Wildflower Meadow."

Fun for a "city girl" to have this around to enjoy.
I was going to hire a company to come help with "the garden"
but, now I'm encouraged to try to do for myself.
There's certainly lots of information
and I certainly love to learn.

OH! One more thing.
I saw a documentary called
"Pray the Devil Back to Hell"
it's about the women of Liberia
and how they demanded PEACE
for their country.

I'm still thinking about it.

'bye for now,
love & love,
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