Monday, April 12, 2010

"How To Train Your Dragon"

I liked this poster the best, even if most of us can't read it.
This movie has a high recommend from your maggid.
It's beautiful to look at
and the content is wonderful.
There's Loyalty, Love, Diversity
I believe many people will find a bridge - or opportunity
to look at, address and possibly heal (or begin to heal)
Issues they may have been hauling around with them

Others will just "enjoy the show."
The entertainment value is certainly there.
(At least, in my opinion.)

I saw it in "regular vision."
I haven't watched any 3D movies lately.
I'm certain they are amazing.
The 3D experience isn't high on my wish list.

Being able to share/tell a story like this
IS on my list of wished for abilities.
Until the time i can manage expertise like this
We have Dreamworks to do it for us
And. Golly, am I glad.
They took no cheap shots.
The honored all "true hearts"
in the world and in their audience.

Color me happy I went
I hope you get to see it, too.
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