Wednesday, April 07, 2010

First - Thank You St. Louis County for voting for Metro!

Here is a picture of Crabby Appleton right before the storm - in fact, I got rained on before i got back inside. How fast she managed those blooms. I'm impressed. I remember last summer when she looked like a brown, twisted stick, sitting in the middle of a hot parking lot with no water and no shade - isn't it amazing what God can do?

I mentioned this documentary yesterday.
You can visit a non-flash page about it by clicking the picture, if you want.
I've read and heard plenty of stories about times when women have changed the course of events - which always inspires me. This story is from "our time" -
(This Century)
and the film captures the people, the actual people -
history books can't do that for us,
give us a real portrait of the people,
times and how heroic the effort was
(OR How challenging the times were.)

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missknits said...

wow! beautiful! not sure you can call her crabby appleton anymore with those blooms! loved the rain, its like a cleansing to me! the documentary sounds very interesting! will look into it this weekend when i have down time. just sat outside for 2 hours feeding/watching my birds.... missed them while i was away at "camp" lol and one is building a nest in the tree by my patio in the little bird house my uncle gave me before he passed away this time last year.... spring/renewal!