Sunday, March 28, 2010


Inbetween events, I stopped at Big Bear Grill.
I like the name.
It reminds me of wonderful times in the mountains in California
(yes, you guessed it, California is my home.)
I used to get off late at night at home and stop at the Big Bear Grill,
which was always open late
because there were so many performing artists headed home at that hour.

My absolute favorite was grilled cheese and pepper. (Yum!)

When I got here this afternoon
I took time to read a couple of blogs.
It's a little like being able to stop by and visit friends
without really bothering them at all.
Wise words from Rabbi Goodman, Kind words from Carol
Now I'm ready to do my best at a concert this evening.

Color me Totally Sustained - Love, Memories, Hope

Love & Love,

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