Monday, March 29, 2010

I was walking along the "magical way"
a path between businesses and private homes
i follow on the way to catch an east bound bus.
It's green and lovely most of the year,
which is why I call it "the magical way."
Anyway, Thursday i was on my way
and noticed a REALLY LARGE BIRD moving around near the walkway.
I've been here for a few years and this was a first.
When i got close enough I decided it was a confused, maybe young, turkey.
Golly! Who knew they were so tall?
It would run in one direction, until it found itself facing a bush
which it could have run around but somehow didn't
then it would run in a big confused circle and find itself facing the same bush all over again.
I was going to have to pass the bird, or go home.
I decided to make those "calming sounds" generally used for frightened children, cats and dogs. The bird surprised me by running straight towards me.
Maybe it wasn't wise to make "calming sounds" for large wild birds.
It stopped a few feet in front of me and just looked for a bit.
I guess it decided to take extreme measures
because it ran a couple of steps and took off,
flying to the roof of the nearest business which happened to be an automotive repair place.
Gee, I doubt that was wise.
It would be illegal to harm the turkey,
but I kinda doubt the workers inside the building would have cared about that
if they'd realized the prize on their roof.
The bird sure looked out of place walking around up there.
Maybe up there it got a view that offered some kind of turkey direction
because it flew off the roof, touched down on the magical way momentarily,
then took fight again, flying over the rooftops of the neighborhood,
presumably homeward.
Turkey and Maggid encounter certainly something for me to remember.
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