Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm home studying . . . .

Yep - I'm not top of my game today
But, that's okay -
I can stay right here and study

I'm listening to a talk
Keith Moore just said:
"Truth Doesn't Expire, Truth Doesn't 'Go Bad'
It Lasts Forever & Ever
Truth Will Be Just As Powerful
A Thousand Years From Now . . . "

He went on to thank people for knowing they aren't listening to be "wowed."

me, i need a Life -
Not a "Wow-eee"
But a Life . .

So, while I listen - I plan to "grab hold" of a bit more of that
And begin to Live It.

I know, i know, sounds . . either large, or dweeby,
I won't think about that until mid-day
I want to become the "possible me."

Look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for being my friends,
going back to listening . .then study
see ya soon,


missknits said...

hope you are well and staying warm on this cold cold nite! hoping for more sun soon.... this weather has got me quite dreary feeling, i don't know about you. i think i need to "grab hold" of a bit more as well! life is too short to let it pass us by...

Anonymous said...

Can't keep a good gal down! Hope you are super dooper better today! As always I am praying for you, extra special prayers for you today! Get well....Love you!

PS...You must read Sr. Ann Marie's post on Music and prayer....awesome! YOU will love it! I did!!! ♥