Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Such A Beautiful Day!

Okay, we might be busy, but isn't this a beautiful day?
Here in our bi-state area we have warm air and bright sunshine.
We've been promised our first real dose of winter tomorrow. Maybe even our first few flakes of snow. Today, however, seems like a special gift. I traveled into Maplewood to send something at the Post Office and - even though there was a line when I arrived, by the time I'd filled out the information on the envelope and filled it with good things, the line was gone and I got a beautiful smile from the postal clerk. I stopped at Foundation Grounds (don't you love how they pour lattes with art floating on top - and goodness inside?) it was probably the only lull of total Peace they'll have all day. I got a pumpkin muffin and latte and went outside to wait for the bus home - it was just too pretty to sit inside.

We may have rehearsal this evening, there may be several things to be edited and memorized in the next couple of days - but, today, this moment, seems like a total gift to me. I'm going out to make sure all the bird feeders are full . . look around to see if, by any chance there's still a flower in bloom - I'm going to say THANK YOU - for this perfect day -

love & love,

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Anonymous said...

YOU make my day perfect!

I actually LOVE lines. Call me crazy, even when busy and rushed, lines allow ME time, time to think, pray, meditate and give thanks. Your day sounded perfect to me!

I love YOU! Looking forward to 'The Journey'.

Love, C