Friday, December 04, 2009

Inside the Camp

It's said Gandhi referred to the "lower caste" as "Children of God" -

Our friend, Rabbi Goodman insists that either
1) We are all outsiders -
2)There are no outsiders

As a child I was often told I was unwanted -
which is great because I know how people feel -
I agree -
there are no outsiders -
(No one outside "the camp" - and we are all Children of the Divine)

I'm not yet tired of singing "Child Of God" -
so, if I see you this evening - maybe we can sing it together . . ????
If I don't see you sometime soon -
you can count on the fact I'm still loving you exactly the same . . .
(AND - I'm probably talking good about you behind your back.)

Love & Love,


abby jenkins said...

sing it out sister!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE singing "I am a Child of God". and...I love YOU!

Wishing you love and blessings today and for all the tomorrows yet to come.

Love, Carol