Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Night I heard there was a double booking. Well, in my world it happens so rarely - I wasn't concerned - in fact, it seemed perfect after the second thought. For months we have been scheduled to meet in the sanctuary for Evening Lights this month. It turns out, if we do that, some bride will have her rehearsal ruined.

How perfect for all of us. (After all, no harm has been done, right?) The topic is "The Journey." Isn't it fun that we'll meet upstairs, and travel around to the other side of the facility - to have our celebration in the community room - which I have been told is now decorated to match our story. All In All a lovely opportunity, don't you think???

What a beautiful world.

love & love,
(your 21st Century Maggid)

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Anonymous said...

I will be there! Love to you!