Friday, October 09, 2009

A couple of quotes i like this morning . . .

Let a good man do good deeds with the same zeal that the evil man does bad ones.
-- The Belzer Rabbi

Art has never been made while thinking of art.
-- Niko Stumpo, The Wooster Collective, December 2006

What else is new? Well, if i get a chance later I'll post an invite to our Simhat Torah Celebration . . NO!!! Wait, I'll post a link to my site - hold on . . . . CLICK HERE! You are invited. It will be lots of fun. My class will be there - you can come sit with us, if you want (or, dance with us, if you want.) Thing is you're invited, okay???

I'm putting stamps on postcards for 1) Baby Bean Storytime and 2) November Evening Lights . . .and, if you're out and about - I'll be at Foundation Grounds a little later today - because I'll ride into Maplewood to get more stamps at their stellar Post Office . . . so, we could enjoy a latte together, if you have time (yep, i KNOW its still raining - we'll drink inside.)

So? What's new in your life? I'd like to hear.
love & love,
(yep - your maggid)

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Anonymous said...

Hi G....

Weekend is to be beautiful! No rain...yeah. I am leaving soon for my annual retreat at Kings House...that is what I am up to. Cleaned some at home this morning as my wonderful Mom will be spending the evenings at my home taking care of the "boys".
That is it for me....
LOVE to you! C