Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Without A King"

I just watched a documentary about Swaziland. It was well balanced, or at least in my opinion it offered thoughts from several perspectives. I know nothing (much) about the politics of this or any people . . and it wasn't my personal focus as I watched. Instead, I could understand better "our story." I continue to think about the ancient tale of a people who had been planted in a land because there was famine in the world. They had a family member who encouraged them all to move - therefore their lives were saved. But, 400 years later, these same people felt marginalized. They felt they lived in a "Narrow Place" where they had few options offered or available to them. A plan was put in place for anyone interested to join together and create a new identity. They could become responsible for themselves - they could be FREE.

We learn, through the story, and later we learn through our own lives that Freedom isn't easy. It's full of possibility, yes . . . . but it certainly is a lifelong lesson . . . .

I don't say everyone should view the documentary. I just say it gave me a fresh, new perspective on the story we will share this month at Evening Lights. For us, it won't be difficult, (as it certainly must have been in ancient times - and certainly is in Africa.) Nope, we have good music, lots of laughter and singing, stories and cake - all of us together . . . now that's "Evening Lights" - brilliant as the night sky.


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