Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today I was a lady with a mission . . .

The bus ride there was really fun. I met new people, and saw new sights. When i arrived, I took out the camera (thank you Melissa) and headed first of all back to the Ottoman Garden. Remember? I PROMISED to return to give you a little view.

Of course, today is a perfect day, the weather is positively blissful after the long heat wave of the last two weeks. But, no matter what the weather, the Garden is always a place of inspiration and refreshment for me.

Anyway, there's my ticket - and a couple of glimpses of the Ottoman Garden - Your Maggid FINALLY keeps her promise.

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missknits said...

beautiful photos! and you couldnt have picked a prettier day to go! i hope you enjoyed it!! wonderful day!

TheNote said...

You so totally rock!
I hope you enjoy the tiny garden tour today.
Love & Love,