Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One last stop before i put the camera away -

I wanted to share one more place with you today. I promise, after this the camera went back into the pack and I just goofed off (the way I generally do.)

This is called the butterfly house. I went there to sit in it for a while and pretend it was already in my own back yard. Some people came around the bend and recognized me. Their young son was with them so, he and I discussed our imaginary gardens.

He imagined that his garden had the same little "house" and a pond, with no rocks to fall off, some gold fish, water flowers, visiting dragonflies . . . by the way - his garden is filled with imaginary friends. They are SECRET friends - so, we do not know their names.

Me? I think it's great to imagine I could walk outside my door any day of the week and find so much beauty. But, I have to admit - just visiting the Garden is more than enough. AND - I don't have to imagine my friends. I'm blessed with you.

love & love,


Jim said...

Beautiful images, both photographic and spiritual, to take with me on my retreat... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at our beautiful gardens through your eyes.

Thank you my friend!