Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Stories

The rose?
It's just here because I like it.
I have some rose bushes right outside my window.
Well, one of my windows.
I guess they were planted to make the house look more inviting
since it (the house) was for sale when i first saw it.
My neighbors are landscape experts.
At least they say they are. They have rock landscaping.
The first evening they noticed me, they leaned over the fence and told me
these roses will never bloom.
This yard is too shady.
I have lots of beauty all around here.
Shady or not.
AND, there are hundreds of roses on these massive bushes -
every year.

There is a thought swirling around my head this morning.
The children have finished school and head out for summer adventures.
Won't they look different when they return in the fall?
Haven't we traveled together, learning wonderful things?

Our books suggest we enter the "Wilderness."
I suppose to some that sounds like the beginning of a ghost story, hm?

I suggest, it's the time we get to try out,
put into practice
the things we have learned.

Then, we'll see each other again,
share our summer tales,
learn new, marvelous things
preparing ourselves for
even greater

1 comment:

Jim said...

Nice story, as always. And your photoprocessing is stunning - dead on!