Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jelly Bean the Kitty Queen

My foster father was surprised to see she wasn't multi-colored.
He knows I love spotted, multi-colored creatures AND the name suggested exactly that to him.
My dad preferred the licorice jelly beans. That's where this feline got her name.
She isn't really mine, although we live together.
My border collie, Budmire, adopted her.
He spotted her roaming about the neighborhood, when we lived on "The Hill" and asked if he could have her. I told him, if he could catch her, he could keep her. That dog flirted with the feral cat for weeks. One day she just walked through the door. So, she was Bud's cat. He went home to God so, now she hangs with me. We are both at a loss - it's hard to know what to do with yourself when your border collie moves on.

We have a companion that keeps me from having a broken heart.
But, Jelly Bean insists she is "top dog." She comes when I call, much faster than the canine living with us. She fetches, she guards . . . this cat insists she is all I really need.

I can't imagine who spoiled her.
Surely Buddy was a better wrangler than I'll ever be.

So, this is a current view of "The Cat."

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Anonymous said...

Very touching! Did your collie pass recently? Dealing with the loss of a pet is oh so hard. They love us no matter what. And welcome us home like no human ever does. I am sorry for your loss :(