Friday, May 01, 2009

Hey Melissa!!!!! Thanks for this camera.

As you can see - I have the camera out - handy - so I can show you what I'm talking about. I'm not good at remembering all the time . . but - I sure felt silly when I went to the Gardens and had to rely on their website to tell you about the new installation. Especially when Melissa was generous to make sure i was armed and ready for travel - with the coolest little camera.

This morning i got a ride into Kirkwood early. went to the PO Box, then into Clayton. The bus to start the journey only comes by once an hour, so that early morning lift saved lots of time. Although, i have to admit I get a lot of reading done in transit. Yesterday AND today I managed all my excursions before the rain arrived - or, should i say, in between the storms. When I got home this morning I heard the newscaster say there would be strong thunderstorms in a little while and . . well, who knows why? My response was that I needed to take a picture of the Azalea Bush before the storm. So, there you are and there you have it. In my back yard, there is a beautiful, blooming Azalea bush . . . and, here it is, right before the storm.

I can almost hear you asking what I was reading.
I'm finishing up "Learning to Bow" by Bruce Feiler.

Be Well.
love & love,

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