Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here's the "Official" blurb:

Bakewell Ottoman Garden
This Turkish-style walled garden is the first of its kind at a botanical garden in the U.S. The Ottoman Garden is devoted to the enjoyment of the senses. Fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs surround the center focal point, a shallow pool of water called a havuz. Various fountains and artifacts created in Turkey provide a strong sense of authenticity.

Yesterday i visited the Garden. I was a silly, and didn't take the camera Melissa gave me. I must write a note to myself to never leave home without it because - there aren't photos of this Ottoman Garden on the official site, and there aren't postcards of it, yet. Perhaps it's because it isn't blooming - (well, duh, it's too early.) The place is enchanting. I didn't realize it was there. My last visit was a little over two years ago. (I used to hang out a lot - was a member, but now I live much farther away - and . . well, school happened, you know???) There were a few new things - every one of them i highly recommend. I can hardly wait to return (with camera.)

The other astonishing thing, even though it is a little personal, is that I could DO things. The last two times I visited I got to stick to main walkways and be very cautious - remnants of the great physical challenge of '99/2000 - but, yesterday I could meander anywhere I wanted - take the little paths, enjoy myself fully - didn't encounter fatigue of any kind . . . so, it's taken time - but - for those of you watching - healing has manifested - I suspect things will only improve from here.

OH!!!! Here's one other tip. I learned, if you arrive early on Friday and show Missouri I.D. - you get in free - (just have to be there before noon.)

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