Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine!

it's the once in a generation celebration of the Sun
Of God's Creation
we had a terrific time.

How wonderful was this?
The event that occurs only once in every 28 years,
happened to land, squarely on our story time morning.

I plastered pictures of the Sun
all over the walls of our story time corner.

We imagined together how it was this morning, when it was still dark,
"mystical musicians" began quietly,
then got louder and louder,
until parents woke up
all the children arrived at story time
all the flowers and trees stood straight up singing
every happy sun song we could remember.

Then, i shared what my study partner shared with me.
That 28 years ago
Zalman and Shlomo and some of their friends
where on top of a very tall building.
They said the prayers and sang the songs
and blew the shofar.

We discussed a little about the shofar
and the trumpet
We sang from Psalms about blowing the trumpet.

We had a quick music lesson about playing our toy trumpets.
We had them in the same colors as the "Mystic Musicians" in our story
We had more than plenty, so everyone could celebrate.

First we "remembered" the fourth day
We re-enacted God flinging stars into the sky
and placing the moon, "just right"
(Children act these things out with beauty and grace, you know.)

Then, together we lifted the Sun
up where it belongs.

WE KNOW about that,
because all of us saw the bright,
shining sun today our way to story time.

Then, we sang all the sun songs again
Happy Birthday to the Sun


Vanilla wafers were enjoyed all around

(georgy's "good report" which really needed to be shared on this special day.)


Maggid Jim said...

Ahhhhh.... this fills me with sunshine, and the greater Light behind it... thank you!

Art Finkle said...

For full explanation of the Shofar and its sacred uses and history, go to

Shofar WebPage


Shofar WebPage II


Art Finkle

Anonymous said...

What a blessed and wonderful day!