Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bird Bush

People have been stopping as they walk by my front yard. i don't blame them. There is a beautiful bush worth noticing. I have no idea what it's "proper" name might be. i call it the "bird bush" because I pour seed at the base. I used to do bird feeders, and I may try again in the near future. The squirrels here are hoodlums and tear up everything in sight. After replacing several bird feeders, I gave up because, well, I had other things to spend dollars on. But, the visiting creatures give me so much joy, I just started to pour seed out where there would be a bit of shelter for my guests. It works, too. I still have marauding squirrels, a chipmunk family, plenty of bunnies, and lots and lots of birds. Many different kinds. They shelter in the branches, under the leaves, behind the flowers . . they mingle together . . well, mostly . . the squirrels get excited and try to chase others away . . but, they always return. So, neighbors stop to admire the beautiful bird bush. I have alternative hours, so no one expects I'm here, enjoying the collection of life and colorful neighbors - right in my own front yard.

This is the little report I have for you from my beautiful corner of the world.
I look forward to hearing about yours.

Be Well.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Loved your report, I felt like I was there among the flowers, squirrels and chipmunks. I have two forsythia which have already bloomed and my crape murtle does not bloom until August, that is hot pink in color.

Have a wonderful day!