Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bird Bush

People have been stopping as they walk by my front yard. i don't blame them. There is a beautiful bush worth noticing. I have no idea what it's "proper" name might be. i call it the "bird bush" because I pour seed at the base. I used to do bird feeders, and I may try again in the near future. The squirrels here are hoodlums and tear up everything in sight. After replacing several bird feeders, I gave up because, well, I had other things to spend dollars on. But, the visiting creatures give me so much joy, I just started to pour seed out where there would be a bit of shelter for my guests. It works, too. I still have marauding squirrels, a chipmunk family, plenty of bunnies, and lots and lots of birds. Many different kinds. They shelter in the branches, under the leaves, behind the flowers . . they mingle together . . well, mostly . . the squirrels get excited and try to chase others away . . but, they always return. So, neighbors stop to admire the beautiful bird bush. I have alternative hours, so no one expects I'm here, enjoying the collection of life and colorful neighbors - right in my own front yard.

This is the little report I have for you from my beautiful corner of the world.
I look forward to hearing about yours.

Be Well.

Here's a fun one:

To obtain a man's opinion of you, make him mad.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nehemiah 8:10

Do you know this song?

"The Joy of the Lord is My Strength"

Maybe you know the second verse?

"He heals the broken hearted and they cry no more"


THAT just happened - and, soon, you'll all have emails
inviting you to come celebrate.
(I really hope you can come.)

Save this date:
Tuesday, June 9th, 7 PM
Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student.
-- George Iles

Broken hearted student -
looking towards the future

seeking out the Light

Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Edges . . .

Do you remember the bumper sticker that said

What a good saying.

Still, no matter what evil thing people think up
Spirit Loves each of us
as if we were the only one.

Isn't that cool???

I once read a story about a man who heard that his cousin was murdered.
He loved his cousin dearly and decided to resist the darkness by going out into the city streets and healing every broken hearted person he ran across.

So, today I've posted music from one of my CDs -
if your heart hurts, i hope this helps
If your heart is happy, I hope this lifts you further.

- Be Well -

Love to You,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

There is only one you... Don't you dare change just because you're outnumbered!
-- Charles Swindoll

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

from "Kabul Beauty School" by Deborah Rodriguez

"I saw a reflection of the moon in my glass of wine
and took a quick sip before it moved on to someone else's glass."

pg 259

My imagination loved this mental picture.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm working on a collection of First Nation Creation Stories . . . Hmmmm

Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content.
-- Louis L'Amour

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here's the "Official" blurb:

Bakewell Ottoman Garden
This Turkish-style walled garden is the first of its kind at a botanical garden in the U.S. The Ottoman Garden is devoted to the enjoyment of the senses. Fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs surround the center focal point, a shallow pool of water called a havuz. Various fountains and artifacts created in Turkey provide a strong sense of authenticity.

Yesterday i visited the Garden. I was a silly, and didn't take the camera Melissa gave me. I must write a note to myself to never leave home without it because - there aren't photos of this Ottoman Garden on the official site, and there aren't postcards of it, yet. Perhaps it's because it isn't blooming - (well, duh, it's too early.) The place is enchanting. I didn't realize it was there. My last visit was a little over two years ago. (I used to hang out a lot - was a member, but now I live much farther away - and . . well, school happened, you know???) There were a few new things - every one of them i highly recommend. I can hardly wait to return (with camera.)

The other astonishing thing, even though it is a little personal, is that I could DO things. The last two times I visited I got to stick to main walkways and be very cautious - remnants of the great physical challenge of '99/2000 - but, yesterday I could meander anywhere I wanted - take the little paths, enjoy myself fully - didn't encounter fatigue of any kind . . . so, it's taken time - but - for those of you watching - healing has manifested - I suspect things will only improve from here.

OH!!!! Here's one other tip. I learned, if you arrive early on Friday and show Missouri I.D. - you get in free - (just have to be there before noon.)

'bye for now,

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine!

it's the once in a generation celebration of the Sun
Of God's Creation
we had a terrific time.

How wonderful was this?
The event that occurs only once in every 28 years,
happened to land, squarely on our story time morning.

I plastered pictures of the Sun
all over the walls of our story time corner.

We imagined together how it was this morning, when it was still dark,
"mystical musicians" began quietly,
then got louder and louder,
until parents woke up
all the children arrived at story time
all the flowers and trees stood straight up singing
every happy sun song we could remember.

Then, i shared what my study partner shared with me.
That 28 years ago
Zalman and Shlomo and some of their friends
where on top of a very tall building.
They said the prayers and sang the songs
and blew the shofar.

We discussed a little about the shofar
and the trumpet
We sang from Psalms about blowing the trumpet.

We had a quick music lesson about playing our toy trumpets.
We had them in the same colors as the "Mystic Musicians" in our story
We had more than plenty, so everyone could celebrate.

First we "remembered" the fourth day
We re-enacted God flinging stars into the sky
and placing the moon, "just right"
(Children act these things out with beauty and grace, you know.)

Then, together we lifted the Sun
up where it belongs.

WE KNOW about that,
because all of us saw the bright,
shining sun today our way to story time.

Then, we sang all the sun songs again
Happy Birthday to the Sun


Vanilla wafers were enjoyed all around

(georgy's "good report" which really needed to be shared on this special day.)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009