Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Teach only Love. Use words, if you have to." (Francis)

If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams - the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.
-- Robert Southey

This quote reminded me of a lot of things this morning. I went through a several year period refusing to talk - unless I was with someone I knew, loved and trusted. This was a very good time in my life. (Too bad for me we were raised near a nuclear test site and all my chums of origin have gone ahead of me.)

I came to believe - as a teen that "grown-ups" weren't listening. So, I would look at them, and smile, but never speak to them - especially if they were asking questions. (They weren't asking to KNOW - they were asking to manipulate.)

When i was taught to be mindful of my words - that they have power - I was SOOOOO ready for that - it came easy - to only say what I mean.

Then I ran across people who ignore what you say . . . . interesting, isn't it??? I learned to develop a "three time rule." You know, only try three times - then - well, they're gonna do what they're gonna do - the tricky part is finding your own way through the maze. Recently I tried to help some friends - (yep, they are my friends . . yikers) - they decided they would do - what they chose to do with the work i started - and, in the process, I got to answer for the legalities of misusing licensed product that i pay for . . . . fortunately telling the truth worked, this time - and, I'll have to be cautious in the future . . Now, that's beyond words - into the material realm . . . I guess I could have not offered, or said "NO." (hm??? that one is still a sticky issue.)

I've met people in circumstances where "Communication" seems to be needful. I suppose i don't know what "communication" means to most folk. (I must be dense, I still haven't found any good answer to people who will still do whatever they have decided to do - regardless of the outcome - or impact on others . . very interesting.)

All That Said. I STILL prefer to either remain silent - or, only say what I mean - no more than three times.

I hope to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this?
(The quote, my additions, your choice of word usage - or anything else you'd like to share.)

Happy Beautiful Day to You!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of selective hearing, people hear what they want to hear. I like your three strike rule. As for me, I “try” not to tell others what I think they should do in a situation, only because I have had it bite me back too. If asked the question “what should I do?” I always respond, “Well, if I were in your situation I would….” I try never to respond “you should….” And if I can avoid giving my thoughts on some issues I will avoid it. Plus we all have the God given right to choose, we don’t always make good choices but that is what makes life so interesting, to see things unravel with good or bad decisions that we make.

Regarding your remark on my blog re: The Cross Walk, I am glad you enjoyed it, I could not get it to show the way I wanted it to be seen. Oh well, readers of my blog figured it out. And “yes”….great minds think alike. I have noticed before that I have posted a quote and your quote although different has a similar meaning and vise versa. Two minds with a single thought.

I am loving the weather! We had a fire drill today at work; I wanted to tell the firemen to take their time. It is awesome outside.

Love and springtime blessings! Carol

Anonymous said...

I like the new background!