Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Inspire Yourself to Life"

Use your imagination
not to scare yourself to death
but to inspire yourself to life.

-- Adele Brookman

There it is, and there you have it.
I'm following a course much like this thought,
imagining myself into a New Life.
Since i know it can be done, i know I can do it.

That might be the name
flashing above my head on some cosmic neon billboard -
Lately, it seems, there's a chorus of angels chanting "you can do this!"
I suppose they are tiny tot angels,
because the chant sounds suspiciously like
"The Little Engine That Could."
Well, that can't be bad, so color me grateful for angel voices.

Inspire -
that means breathing in - taking in -
OR -
when God (Life, Breath, Love, Power, Principle) breathes into us
(ever better - MUCH BETTER.)
That's gotta be Good, right?

So, let's go out and have an adventure -
let's see what we can do with a New Day,
New Idea,
New Thought . . .
a New Life.

Happy Day!

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