Friday, February 06, 2009


It's no surprise I'm from California.
Anyone here speaking with me for more than, say, two minutes - or moments
comes to the sudden realization I'm from "somewhere else."
Here, in the MidWest - people often make fun of California

It's also no secret I miss everything that seems "HomeLike."
Someone was sharing with me the other day and let slide (in conversation) information about an herbalist. I knew about her, but did not know she lives (and has her business) here.
Not only that
She is only one bus ride away from me.

So, at the beginning of the week - on a day that was sunny and cold, I bundled up and took a ride into Maplewood. (IN case you are looking - as soon as you see the marker for Saint Louis City - get off the bus - you are there.)

When I lived in the mountains, there was a lady who partnered with me to manage and at times even overcome the challenges I faced. She was an herbalist and a terrific baker. She made zucchini bread every other week (a personal favorite.) She would give me a jingle when it was coming out of the oven and I would get myself down to her store. She'd sell me a small loaf (she made some in "tiny" size for single people, like me) - only if I'd drink a glass of fresh juice. Do you know fresh carrot juice is sweet and wonderful - not at all like the canned stuff?????

Well, here's the place I went:
No baked bread. But, a world class good reputation.
There's a library we are all encouraged to use - so we can learn for ourselves.
I made a small purchase.
After making sure i saw as much as my eyes could take in
After asking as many questions as i could think of
After making sure it felt "HomeLike."
I don't know if I've made new friends
(yep, I have openings in my life for a few)
But, it's possible I have a new place to visit - every once in a while.

Now, if we could just convince Luyties to return to Saint Louis.
At least they are reachable via internet, huh?

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Anonymous said...

You sold me, I am going to go there, I now have it saved as a favorite. Believe it or not I have never had fresh carrot juice, my mouth is watering. Also, in Maplewood you can go to Penzeys Spice Shop, have you been there? Awesome place if you like spices and enjoy cooking. I enjoy Maplewood, there is also a pizza place there and the name escapes me.

Guess mentioned once in your blog you were not from STL, I had a feeling you were from CA. One of my bestest buds moved there, she did not belong here in the mid-west.

Love, Carol