Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wisdom Keeper? Inspiration Sharer?

Our congregation invited Rabbi Rami Shapiro to spend the weekend. It was our "Spiritual Enrichment Weekend" and he was our "Scholar in Residence." I got to attend a little more than half of the time.

I suppose my favorite part is, that it was a perfect match for our congregation. I'm beginning to think we are unique. Who knew???? I should have guessed, if I'm comfortable, feel at home, then this place MUST be special. Rabbi Rami continued to say, "I've visited with your Rabbis and I wonder, 'why am I here?'" I guess because with us, he found people in agreement, instead of a good, argumentative conversation, hm??

Carol, I know you'll like this. Because I came away knowing I'm in my right place, that I'm growing into mySelf. That, in challenges, I have terrific company AND - if I EVER grow up - I want to be Just Like MySelf.

(yeah, I knew you'd like that . . . )

If you didn't get to spend time with us this weekend, you can read his books, or watch for other opportunities to see him present (he isn't ordinary - nope - not at all) - Or, you could read his blogs. You could google him and find interesting stuff . . .

Well, I'm off to print lyrics - in the morning I sing two services where they post lyrics on the "Big Screen." That's fun. Instead of hiding their beautiful faces behind a bulletin, or a book - looking down and singing into a page - I can see sparkling eyes - hear clear voices -

I can get a good look at the Face of God.


Anonymous said...

You are right...I do like it! No one does YOU better than YOU! And you are doing a wonderful job at it!

Blessings to you my friend, Carol

Maggid Jim said...

I can feel the sweet energy from here...