Friday, January 23, 2009


My study-buddy, Jim Brule, was ordained on the most "magical" evening of all.
The night of Martin Luther King Day, the Eve of Inauguration Day.
He is now officially:

Maggid Jim Brule

You would think that would be all the good one week could hold.
I told you, though - it was the Eve of the rebirth of HOPE in America.
I got to head home on Tuesday.
It turned out I got to see the events unfold in Washington D.C.
Live, on a big screen at La Guardia airport.
I was with, maybe eight other people, at the end of a long corridor.
(In my case i was early for a flight.)
The network news would also show us Times Square, which was packed,
shoulder to shoulder, with folk celebrating together.
Something beautiful (and uncommon) happened in the airport.
Our little crowd joined and became one -with the holy crowd of hopeful people.
We stood when it was time to stand. We raised our voice in song.
WE whooped and cheered and hugged each other with tears in our eyes.

A moment.
One moment of connection.
Not History - although the day has been recorded, will be remembered,
but - it was a taste of the Truth of Us
a Taste of One
a moment of Joy deeply shared

Maggid Jim, on this wave of wonder you return to your "regular life"
But, you are New
and - your Life is dedicated to Something More
Something Amazing
From now on, when you face "others"
You shall be the mirror of the Possible
of the Probable
and, you will
be a mirror of Love and Hope
Inviting people Home.



Anonymous said...

What a moment, thank you for sharing! Gave me goosebumps.

Love, Carol

Maggid Jim said...

Oh, Holy Study Buddy - soon to be Maggida!

You are my partner in this journey in more ways than you realize.

For this, and so much more, I thank and bless you.

Maggid Jim Brulé