Monday, January 05, 2009


So, I have a lot to tell you.
And, I will get back soon to share.
Because Rabbi Rami Shapiro is coming to visit -
and we are all excited and looking forward to this.
But, right now I just want to tell you that, on my way to service last night,
I missed a bus.
So, of course, I got to wait for the next one.
And several people stopped to talk and pass the time.
(That was nice)
Then, the next bus arrived
(Number 1 - Goldline, Central West End - just in case you wondered) -
and, a friend of mine was riding.
Then, of course, I no longer thought I missed a bus,
i thought I was on the exact right one.
And we talked all the way and the ride seemed really short.
When we arrived, we were a little early and he said,
"There's mint growing by that big rock in the garden."
I thought I must have heard him incorrectly
because we were talking about his thesis paper and things of Faith.
But, nope, I was correct, because, when he repeated for me
he was still talking about mint,
actually, about a mint plant.
So, we went to see.
We got out back, where the garden is,
except it's winter and everything looks barren.
Then he says, "Oh!,The leaves are all dry"
and he walks over to these scrubby, stick looking plants and runs his hands over the top.
Then he rubbed his hands together and lifted them up for me to sniff . . . .
Here, on a dark winter night - Mint!
Then, he pointed to where we (our congregation) have a pumpkin patch.
He shared that his mother used to have a pumpkin patch.
His smile was the best gift of all -
here, this city girl, this head in the clouds, artist/music lady
was given the gift of friendship and sharing
on a Friday Night,
right before we entered our Sukkat Shalom
(Shelter of Peace)
to enjoy the Holy Presence.

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