Monday, December 29, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

I'm still considering this movie.

My first favorite scene was when the people noticed Jamal on his way back for the final round.
When they were sure it was him, they told him they were proud of him and gave him blessings to win.

I am still impressed by the thought - if it weren't for Ram and Allah we'd still have a mother.

The personality type of the main character - was good/interesting teaching.

I love the Hindi principles always upheld. Even though there were difficult things to convey - it wasn't overly graphic. And, the kiss was suggested - but, not shown. (I appreciate the belief system and moral code of Hindi film.)

I am thankful for the gift of a dance production at the end.

And - amazed that World Music has been lifted yet another notch.

I enjoyed this feature film.

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