Friday, November 14, 2008


On Thursday (November 13th) i was on the way home from class.
Our bus stopped for a gentleman,
silver headed, good quality shoes with the soles splitting in two.
He was noticeable because he was lifting a bicycle
up onto the bike rack on the front of the bus.
(It always seems to me you need to be pretty strong to do that.
There was a much younger man at the stop
who must have thought something similar
because he stepped up to help the gentleman.)
It took a little time to get it accomplished,
then the gentleman boarded and we were off,
traveling down the road - headed towards my stop,
maybe three quarters of a mile away.
The gentleman handed a transfer to the driver.
The driver looked at the piece of paper
and realized it was for sometime last October -
not Valid.
The gentleman continued to look in his bill fold
for another, proper piece of paper.
By my stop, the valid transfer or form of fare had not been found.
I'd already gotten off but, since the bus was not moving,
waited to see if I was needed.
I always carry an extra pass.
I purchase my monthly pass and an extra day pass - just in case.
(You never know when there might be an opportunity to help someone.)
I started to pull the fare from my pocket, when I saw, on the bus,
about five people walking up to the front of the bus with bills in their hands
(you could see it all in black and while through the front windows.)
I knew the gentleman was well provided for -
so i waved good-bye and walked the rest of the way home.

It was my favorite part of Thursday.
yes, all of Thursday was mighty fine - but, seeing so many people rally -
Love In Action
THAT was my favorite part.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I love hearing of people helping people. It is out there and I believe people are much more kind than what the world gives us credit for. Made me misty. Thank you for sharing you and being YOU!