Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aye-yi-yi - i went to check on "the Box" - do you remember? It's the BBC project - tracking a cargo container for a year. Right now it's in the middle of the Pacific. I mean it, there aren't any land markers on the map at all. It's headed towards Los Angeles - I hope everyone on board is safe and warm. I hope they have calm seas. Isn't it funny how we never consider things like that until we make a point to pay attention. If we haven't a person out there, we don't think about how "stuff" gets to us.

"Lord, the sea is so big and my boat is so small." Did you ever learn that poem when you were little???

g'night everyone,

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Anonymous said...

If time please share the poem, I have never heard it before. Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one! Carol