Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning Fun

I ride metro bus - metro link and, on occasion the call-a-ride bus. That and walking is how i get around. Now that I've shared that with you, you won't be one bit surprised that I often have a day pack with me. The one above is my "everyday pack." I've been using it a couple of years now. It's still in good shape, so you might see me with it a couple more years. I like it. I DO miss the mountain pack i arrived here with, along with my mountain boots, work shirts and jeans but, that was in 1982 and all that has long since evaporated into time.

I ride the train with lots of interesting and super bright people.
Many of them came from China.
They ask questions, I am always amazed that they speak English so well.
Many of them have really important, life saving jobs.
They like my company because I'm different and because I share.
Sometimes we look at my Hebrew Textbook.
I say it's a brilliant game - they say it's too hard.
I say Chinese seems "too hard"
since they already speak it, they must be the brightest beings on earth.
They laugh at me a lot.

Today is Wednesday.
On Wednesday Mornings I carry cookies, books and sometimes crafts
to "Tiny Tots Storytime."
The picture below is the day pack I usually wear on Wednesday Mornings, unless it's raining.
It's made of re-cycled materials.
I suppose it doesn't look like much in a photo
but, it's really lots of fun.

Below is a photo of it, with the top flap folded up so you can see a little of the color.
There's a lot of Chinese and also some Thai (and English) all over this pack.
Today my friends noticed. It made them giddy with pleasure.
They never considered re-cycled material re-used in a way
that let you see what it had been before.

They read the Chinese out loud and told me what it said.
They explained where the places were - there were people on the bus
who have family members living in the places mentioned on the pack.
They wondered where in the world a person could get a pack that looked like throw-away items.

I suspect they also wondered how they could know a lady who would treasure such a silly thing.

It was a Joy-Filled Ride, that's for sure.

When i got to work and started pulling out frosted animal cookies,
I turned into the "Story Lady"
A person in high regard by children five and under.
To them, it isn't the pack, but the lady

to them it's the cookies, the songs, the dances and the stories

I hope, somewhere in their memories, when they long have outgrown me
They will be people who love the world, delight in it's resources
Find simple joy in thrift - global sharing -
and can laugh with people of all languages -

Yep - reading to and for one another
in every language
colored by love.

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Anonymous said...


You are such a wonderful person with all of your encouraging and kind words. And, you have such a wonderful sense of humor! I am grateful you came into my life! I am certain that ALL of the people you touch each day will be impacted by your presence forever and will fondly remember the "backpackin story lady". I have been. Thank you! Carol