Monday, October 27, 2008

The Box

Checking on the status of "The Box" - we learn that the cargo of whiskey has been unloaded in Shanghai. There is concern about fuel costs in the shipping industry - (but, we could have guessed that, right?) "The Box" is scheduled to hang around the Shanghai area for a little while - then it will take a load of something (so far undisclosed) to the United States.


I'm wondering if I should start another blog about the maggidic journey - my double mindedness about the idea is - (if you remember) - I erased the other blog i had - choosing to share on this one site. What do you think? My friend and study partner will receive s'mich (ordination) in January - which is happy making - but has me thinking about the future.

For today I'll just add "(future) Maggid" to the title bar - and get busy with my writing assignment. i wonder if I can finish the project before the end of May????
The answer, of course, would be "NO" - not if I don't set pen to paper in a more disciplined fashion.

Love to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Hey G,

On your web page under the heading 'Evening Lights' is that your pup? Too cute!

If you make another blog let me know so I can follow it, I love all of your writings!