Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hello, Carol!

Rose Is Rose


Anonymous said...

That is it! I just loved that cartoon! I will go to sit down on the sofa and Riley and Regan are right there wanting some laptime, then they see I have my laptop on my lap and they look so sad. Now I know what they are thinking. Thank you! Carol

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Remember, you taught me everything I know! Carol

Anonymous said...

Okay, last time I comment to you today….I promise!
Feel free to use anything on my blog that you like. I found www.thecutestblogontheblock.com and www.playlist.com
So “if” you should find anything you like on my blog please use it on your blog. I will be playing around looking for more free stuff as I have time.


Anonymous said...

OH YES I know that song....I believe it is by Barbara. I LOVE music, can't sing a note (except by myself in my car, when no one is near). My Mom received a scholarship to Notre Dame HS for voice many moons ago. And then there came me, no singing skills whatsoever. Oh well.

Enjoy all the fun stuff, I will find more in time.

God Bless! Carol