Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Response

Ah!!!! What a wonderful day.
First thing in the morning we learned about King David. When he used to feel sad, he would go outside and look around the City of Peace. He wrote a song that said, "I lift my eyes to the hills."
We learned how to sing it, using our hands to help tell the story. So, our hands climbed the sky around us, so we could look towards the top of the hills.

Later we learned it's doubly important to listen for G-d's voice.
I remembered the stories from the terrible day in September, when the buildings collapsed and darkness spread around The City. There were so many people who later told the tale of small inconvenience that caused them to turn around, or be late, so they weren't in the buildings.

I think of Yogananda singing "Listen, listen, listen to my hearts song . . . "
Do you think G-d is singing gentle songs to us, calling us closer?

I do . . . .

'bye for now,

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