Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Personal Trainer

That's something worth imagining.
Here's what we did this morning:

Today at Story Time we took an imaginary trip to Beijing, China to compete in the "Tiny Tots Competition."
We decided, since it was a long distance, we would travel via imaginary space shuttle transport. We remembered to fasten our seat belts (see? I AM a good story lady.) WE took off and, after a short while landed in Beijing. There were beautiful, polite people to greet us.
After looking around for a short while we started the competition.
We sang "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" to start the number counting at a most difficult level. We thought the extra points would do us some good. Besides, we still had our storytime cookies in our hands. For extra effect we discussed what exactly a "Big Fat Hen" is, and what they say. We all played the part of the Hen after "nine - ten." It was a moment of brilliance.
After our first round, we finished our cookies.
This is important because, when singing "One Little, Two Little"
all your fingers need to be showing for "proper form."
We sang with all our might.
First verse we sang, "One Little, Two Little" - using children with a giggle at the end. Second verse we counted pirates and third verse we added monkeys. We thought no other tiny tot team would be prepared to count monkeys.
We got extra credit, because we can also count backwards in the same song.
Our Tiny Tot Competition continued with the Alphabet Song,
Standing On One Foot,

Of course, We "Won The Gold."
There was an awards ceremony
Everyone (contestants, guardians, bystanders) got a Gold Medal on a ribbon.
We sang "We are the Champions."
After a few pretend media opportunities
(it's not everyday your team wins the "Tiny Tot Competition" at the Olympics)
We boarded our imaginary space craft, buckled our seat belts and returned to regular storytime in time to sing some of our favorite songs
and have another cookie
before leaving for home.

All In All
It Was A Wonderful Day.

Love from the story lady

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Anonymous said...

What a FUN story! I felt like I was on the space shuttle too!

You are indeed a wonderful story lady!!!

Cool website also. Carol