Monday, July 21, 2008


(Shalom - Peace - Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken)

What a beautiful place this is, don't you think?
I'm still thinking about Friday Evening. of course, last Friday was our once a month "Evening Lights" event. Every time we present, i learn more. This time the stories everyone shared had me in absolute awe and wonder.

Thinking that word "awe" reminds me of the evening on the television when we saw the government version of "shock & awe." Please notice the small letters - but, when I think, or notice G-D's version of awe - it's entirely different - so was Friday Evening. There was such a rich tapestry of background and sharing from the collected group. All of us dedicating the hour to the Divine Presence - therefore all our stories were given as a gift, and lifted in the process. Golly, it was beautiful.

I'm entirely grateful for school (I am half way through a maggid program.) These opportunities came up because I am practicing (and translating out to my community) what I am learning.

I can hardly wait until the next opportunity. You never know what treasures are just around the corner.

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