Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

That's what the weather report sounds like. (Hot,hot,hot.)
I'm about to get out into whatever this summer day brings. I get to meet a girlfriend for lunch. Spiffy, huh?

The other thing all over the news seems to have become one of my favorite rants. (Is a rant the same as an opinion?) All I want to say is, once again some committee is picking on China.

Is this the way to behave? These committee people, are their lives, relationships, countries PERFECT???? They are great examples? Is it possible (Okay, it might be a huge stretch, so correct me here) but, IS it possible China has something to teach, offer, share - that may be marvelous? IS it possible we can visit and be good guests?

AND if these committee people have perfection to share, is it possible they can teach by example?

Because, if someone said my windows weren't clean enough for them to come have lunch with me - depending on the day I'd have one of two answers . . if it's a "Skippy" day (an ornery day) I'd be delighted because i didn't want to make lunch or have them over anyway . . if it was a better day, I'd counter that there are lots of public spaces, great restaurants to visit - some are bound to have acceptable windows . . .

Perhaps their homes are a better example - but, maybe we don't want to go somewhere for lunch where the host inflicts severe limitations upon us . . . . ah! Besides - they only offered criticism, not invites.

What a crazy circle.

Perhaps we could let China BE China - and committee people can be critical commentators and I can turn off the news and go enjoy this Hot! Hot! Hot! Day.

talk to you later.

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