Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's a great word/concept - it was also a popular song sometime last century. It started something like, "Cherish is the word I use to describe all the Love I have hiding here for you inside . . . " There was lots of harmony vocals and was part of the very "in" sound of it's day.

The song came to mind this morning while I was having a conversation with my friend Phyllis Clay-Sparks. It started about what we are thinking of these days. She mentioned recycling being a spiritual idea - outwardly expressed in action today. I got to thinking about the things I'm studying. There have been times and cultures where older things and people had more value.

It seems (or at least, this morning it seemed) that we have developed a "throw-away" society. It's gotten to the point that scientists are finding our plastic bags swirling around deep in the ocean, and threatening life forms far away from the cities where they were used for five/ten minutes, then discarded.

On PBS we honor old things on a wonderful Antique Show. We are educated a little about where an item comes from - then we all super "WOW" when we learn it would sell for a lot of dollars.

I remember my aunt crying because when I was young I was repeatedly told I wasn't wanted. Now I'm reluctant to return to do things for the same people who never liked, or wanted me. She (my aunt) says I should not have been treated like a "throw away" child.

None of us should feel, or BE "thrown away." Actually, it's a human mistake, not one that our Creator makes. We are all LOVED more than we'll realize in this world. But, that's another story.

Wouldn't it be nifty if we only collected (wanted, purchased, consumed, owned, claimed) the treasures, "cherished" the rare and wonderful, the quality, or uniqueness in whatever (whoever) is presented . . . . ?

Ah, I'm dreaming the beautiful dream again, aren't I?

I hope, when I see you, my heart is singing, "Cherish . . . . . "

Happy Day!

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