Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shavout Late Night Study

See This Building?
It's in University City
Right before the lion gate
you might go past in and not notice that it's been a presence for 113 years
that's understandable
I mean, everyone has a life, ya know?
Last Sunday Night
All Night
The lights were on
and this building was filled with people, sharing stories, reading from the Book
Looking for Life
I have to tell you, it was like being in Heaven

All Night?
You might wonder how that could be?
Weren't they sleepy?
There was too much Joy to be sleepy.

For those who wanted treats
either for the fuel to continue
or just the happiness factor
There was Cheesecake
Oh yes, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Chips, Fruit

I had coffee with lots of creamer
(personal favorite)

There were so many teachers,
groups gathered in different rooms all over this large building
changing classrooms every hour
there were so many choices of where to go
what to explore
There was no way anyone could see it all
But, together
WE were
One Heart - One Mind

It was beautiful

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