Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sending Love

It IS a good thing that the slurs, the sad words have stopped.
I'd like to hear as many voices lifted in love, concern, for this planet, suffering. We have floods, earthquakes, famine, poverty here and all around the globe. The faces are just like our faces, I hate to sound like Shakespeare, but - aren't we all the same? All the protesters, all the energy expended to complain. Are they exerting themselves, either vocally or materially, to be part of the answer?

I'm not able to fill bags with sand. I can purchase a little something to help feed the hungry. Even if I share some of my budget to purchase a few items for the food pantry, it's something.

For me, I'll pay attention and petition Divine Presence to Lift, Bless, Comfort. I'll listen carefully for the hand in healing that I get to take. Maybe today it's an extra jar of peanut butter, maybe tomorrow I can read to a child. Surely it will take everyone to heal the world. Surely, all the voices in protest about a traveling flame can now be lifted to bless and heal?

If we each did our own tiny part, this world and all the people in it, would know Peace and Plenty.

Do You Think?

By the way - Hurry Up -
8 - 8 - 08

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