Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dump The Pump Day

Oh Glory Be!
This is the day Metro is allowing everyone to ride the transit for free. You need a pass, but they are handing them out everywhere you get regular tickets. How cool is that????
I was on my way downtown and the train was filled with people in RED. If you live around here you know that means there's a Cardinal's Game. All those happy faces on their way to cheer for the Red Birds, on the train, FOR FREE.

Me, I'm "taking" a friend to a concert tonight. I suppose I'm not so impressive, since the bus ticket is free and so is the concert. In this economy, I AM thinking it's brilliant. I hope my friend enjoys the evening, even if i don't spend a bundle.

By the way, if you have a mind to, you are invited to join us. It's tonight (Thursday, June 19th) at Stone Spiral coffee & curios. Corner of Lyndover & Sutton - 7 - 9 p. The flyer says:

"Come enjoy coffee, tea and dessert - served up with a side of great stories!"

Get off the Manchester bus at Manchester & Sutton and walk up the hill a couple blocks.
Looks like an umbrella might be good.
You can't beat free (OR, a few dollars for some coffee & treats.)

'bye for now!


Anonymous said...

what concerto ms. rockabilly??

Maggid said...

Good Morning, Anonymous!
Took me a minute to figure out how to reply to "no-reply" - The concert was held at a coffee house in Maplewood, (Missouri) - it was storytelling. Three popular tellers from this region were presenting - and - many of the "super star" tellers were there. The stories were good, the treats were wonderful (the place is called Stone Spiral) - as far as i could tell, a good time was had by all.
I hope your evening was as good, whatever you got to do.
'bye for now . . . g